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While our raison d’etre has always been fresh floral designs and the best in corporate floristry, we also offer our clients a full range of artificial floral displays. Once considered gaudy or kitsch, artificial displays are now the talk of the town: high end retailers, the great and good of Belgravia, Mayfair and Park Lane are all enamoured with the new trend.

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Fast Installation

Installation of artificial flower displays is quick and easy with Flowers & Plants Co. We have a vast amount of experience in both interior and exterior designs, with knowledge of rigging, building structures and creating elaborate artificial displays to a range of briefs and in many different styles. Our range of faux florals are the best quality available and are virtually indistinguishable from the real thing. We stock amazing faux hydrangeas and lilies, cherry blossom, delphium, wisteria and many more in a variety of colours and styles.

Bespoke Designs

Our great team have a multitude of experience designing, installing and dismantling artificial flower displays. Working with some of the capital’s leading retailers to a wide range of briefs, we’ve created some stunning pieces. Our experience has taught us that planning is everything: once we’ve arranged a consultation with a client, we draw up a detailed plan, assemble a team under the guidance of a senior florist and set to work.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are artificial flower displays?

Created by our florists using faux florals, displays are as varied and beautiful as their fresh flower counterparts. They have the advantage of lasting almost indefinitely and can adorn shop frontages or indoor business areas. They’re brilliant for creating depth and colour and are currently enjoying increased popularity on the shopping streets or West London. Get in touch today and organise a consultation with one of our florists.

How much do they cost?

Artificial flower displays vary in their cost as they vary in size. We tend to make an assessment of your particular needs and then provide a detailed quote. We can create small displays starting from £100. The sky really is the limit in terms of scope and we have created huge displays across the capital for top retailers and private clients alike. If you have an idea in mind or like the look of something you’ve seen, pop us an email and we can book a consultation and provide a quote.

Can I get a displays delivered to my business?

Yes. We carry out the major part of all works on-site. Our team will create your display in front of your eyes, installing supports and necessary structures before filling in the space with a variety of faux florals. So, wherever you are, whatever your trade, we can come to you. We have various teams all with experienced florists and floral designers working on briefs which vary from ‘Tropical Intensity’ to ‘Tulip Fever’.

Can I choose what goes into my display?

Here at Flowers & Plants Co. we tailor our artificial displays around your requirements. Whether you want bold and bombastic or something refined, we’ll find the right balance. We stock a full range of artificial blooms from roses and lilies to cherry blossom, stocks and peonies. Whatever the colour combination you have in mind, whatever the composition, we’ll make it for you.

How long do they last?

Artificial flower displays have a great lifespan. Once installed, displays will remain looking fabulous for between 6 months and a year, depending on the location. Indoor displays can last for markedly longer than outdoor displays. The lasting quality of artificial displays makes them economically preferable to fresh flowers and mean they can be recycled into other displays at reduced costs subsequently.

Do they need any maintenance?

No. Once installation is complete, no maintenance is needed – just sit back and enjoy the spectacle. No watering, no wilting. Artificial flowers look great whatever the weather and provide a wonderful advertisement for your business.

Are they a realistic alternative to fresh flowers?

Yes. Artificial flower displays are a great alternative to fresh flowers. Though we love fresh blooms, faux florals provide a long-lasting and durable display at a more manageable cost. They’re virtually indistinguishable from the real thing and are eminently popular with shops and business across the capital. If you’re thinking of getting a display, talk to us today. We can provide a quote and free consultation for your business.

How do I order?

Get in touch with one of our friendly customer advisors. We have operators ready to talk with you about your floral needs and requirements. Alternatively, send us an email and one of our team will get back to you. From there we’ll organise a site visit if necessary and then provide a competitive quote. If you have ideas or a particular vision, include any number of images or inspiration in your email and we’ll begin to draw up a plan for the display.

How are artificial flower displays installed and removed?

Installation is carried out by one of our teams at a time convenient for your business. We create the displays as quickly and carefully as possible, with full health & safety coverage and consideration for your neighbours. Once the time comes for the displays to be removed, our team will return and remove the blooms and the structures supporting them.

Can I keep the artificial flowers or are they rented from Flowers & Plants Co.?

You can arrange to purchase the faux florals from us, in which case, when we dismantle the display we’ll box up the florals and leave them with you. Alternatively, we’ll remove the flowers completely. The decision is up to you and we’re happy to accommodate either option.

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So why not get in touch and great creative? While our florists handle the tricky aspects of design and installation, we love to have input from clients. Early on in the planning, we’ll join your team for an informal consultation to ascertain exactly what it is you require and the style you’d like to achieve. We’ll then make suggestions and listen to your creative feedback - drawing up visualisations in some circumstances - to make sure the plan is exactly right before installation. So if you’re heart is set on a sumptuous display of peonies and blue hydrangeas, our team of designers will create an illustration to flesh out the idea and give you a sense of the proportioning and overall look.

Once your free consultation is over and the plans handed over to the team of florists, we’ll arrange a date to set up and install. We try to minimise the impact of our work on your business, working as much possible outside business hours and away from busy periods to reduce the disturbance and bring the stunning floral display to life from one day to the next, as if appearing from thin air. 

 So if you’re considering an interior or exterior display, a bespoke design for a shop window or lobby entrance, we have the best range of artificial flowers in the capital. And as ever, here at Flowers & Plants Co, we were firmly ahead of the curve, creating beautiful displays from faux florals and designing elaborate plans for shops and businesses.

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