Flower Delivery Barking

Get beautifully designed flowers delivered in Barking today with Flowers & Plants Co, the flower delivery company bringing the people of London what they want.


fresh flowers

Fresh Flowers

We specialise in incredible bouquets and quick delivery. It’s our mission to bring everyone the kind of flowers they deserve, 7 days a week. No matter the occasion, no matter the time, we guarantee delivery whenever you need flowers. Browse our website and decide on something for you. Or don’t see something you love? Try a customised bouquet and create your own. Ad a message and let the flowers do the talking. Customers love receiving flowers and nothing quit beats the surprise of a fresh bouquet dropped on your doorstep. So whether you’re treating yourself or indulging someone else, choose Flowers & Plants Co and know you’re doing it right.

Flowers delivered in Barking are fast and easy, they’re bright and breezy. Don’t forget you can add something extra as well, like champagne and chocolates, a sure fire way to give someone you love a little boost. Same day flowers Barking have never been better, they’re the best in the capital and by far the most beautiful. Send flowers to Barking with Flowers & Plants Co and enjoy peace of mind.




Plants Collection

Brilliant planted gifts Barking are only a click away with Flowers & Plants Co, the plant delivery company tearing up the rule book. We’re the new Flowers & Plants Co on the scene and it’s our mission to do things differently. Love houseplants but hate waiting? Well we’ve got the answer to that: same day plants Barking, they’re efficient and brilliant. Order in the morning and enjoy our horticultural wonders by tea time. And what’s more, they won’t break the bank. Our houseplants are directly imported from growers around the globe, putting you in touch with the farms in Columbia and Africa, and in turn creating great discounts for all involved.

Plants delivered in Barking with Flowers & Plants Co, are second to none. Our selection is the best online, with customers raving about our orchids and potted trees, tropical anthuriums and brilliant ferns. Give us a call today and find out how you get in on the action.


fresh plants


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