Flower Delivery Barkingside

Love houseplants and flowers? Want a new way to order bouquets in Barkingside? Well with Flowers & Plants Co, you’ve found the answer. Same day flowers delivered to your doorstep.


fresh flowers

Fresh Flowers

Flowers delivered in Barkingside, it’s the only way to do it in 2020. Forget the local florist or online brands, we’re the new face of affordable floristry on the web. We’ve got a great selection of imported flowers and specially designed bouquets, fabulous varieties and the kind of arrangements previously only available in luxury salons. And what’s more, they’re all available at brilliant prices. Because we import directly from growers in South America and Africa, we’re able to avoid the international auctions and bring you fresher, cheaper flowers. If that doesn’t sound like an improvement, we won’t know what does.

. It’s all about the design with Flowers & Plants Co, same day flowers Barkingside are good, but if the design isn’t tip top then you’re in trouble. But with Flowers & Plants Co, our designs are all hand-crafted and lovingly put together for maximum impact. Send flowers to Barkingside today and find out what the hype is about.

Our blooms are made to inspire and you will be sent a link which will allow you to track your flower delivery every step of the way.




Plants Collection

Love getting the best in houseplants delivered to your door, every day of the week? Well with Flowers & Plants Co, planted gifts Barkingside are now closer than ever. We love bringing you the very best in houseplants from around the globe, all beautifully fresh and potted to perfect. Why wait around for other brand or drag yourself down to the garden centre when you have everything available at your fingertips? We stock everything from orchids and bonsai trees to olive trees and bromeliads, flower ginger plants, ferns, giant palms and much, much more.

And because we import directly from growers around the globe, we can provide the best kind of quality and value around. Plants delivered in Barkingside are affordable and fresh. So whatever the events, whatever you’re celebrating, do it with Flowers & Plants Co, the plants specialist Londoner’s love. Same day plants Barkingside are now also available, for ever faster houseplants delivered!


fresh plants


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