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Find fabulous flowers and perfect plants with Flowers & Plants Co., the delivery company bringing you the best bouquets in Dartford.


fresh flowers

Fresh Flowers

We’re redefining the way people buy flowers online. Here at Flowers & Plants Co., we think it should all be about fresh blooms and brilliant designs. There’s no room for overpriced and underachieving flowers. Only the best will do for our customers. Flowers delivered in Dartford with us make other brands look mediocre. We’re the only company in the country with floral contacts in South America, Africa and Israel, as well as the UK, ensuring we only have the freshest, finest flowers every day of the week. So, with our brilliant blooms, it stands that we need the best florists.

Our team of expert designers work around the clock to bringing customers the kind of floral couture previously only available to London’s elite. Go online today and discover the same day flowers Dartford at your fingertips. Grab a about whatever the occasion or choose something for yourself. There’s always time to enjoy some perfect flowers and with champagne, vases and chocolates available as well, we’re London’s most popular floristry provider. Send flowers to Dartford now and you’ll love the result.




Plants Collection

Guarantee you’ll be in pole positon for any upcoming celebration and choose Flowers & Plants Co. We have all the houseplants you could dream of, plus more! Our wonderful selection is sourced from growers across the globe, while our delivery system means we have the quickest plant delivery service in the country. Go online today and discover exactly what we’re talking about. You’ll find great deals and the kind of incredible plants that will put a smile on your face. We’ve got planted gifts Dartford curated by our horticultural experts for your pleasure.

Jump into the world of incredible plants with Flowers & Plants Co. and you’ll find plants delivered in Dartford right across the neighbourhood. Whatever the occasion, whatever the celebration, take a plant online or surprise someone today. planted gifts Dartford are for everyone: brilliant prices and our series of offers mean you can have more of the plants you love today.


fresh plants


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