Leaving Planted Gifts

If your unsure of the recipients plant care prowess or worried about how they will do on transit, then look no further. We've collected all our versatile and travel friendly plants on one page. These plants will suit most home environments and are small compact travel friendly sizes. We have lots to choose from such as; decorative and ornate plants as gifts for those moving on to greenery pastures and staple common plants for those starting anew. 

going away planted gifts


Aloe Vera £18.99

Aloe Vera

Pot size 12cm Height 36cm Aloe Vera
£28.99 -
Asparagus Fern £37.99

Asparagus Fern

Pot size 12cm Height 25cm Asparagus ‘Setaceus’
£37.99 -
Calathea Medallion £37.99

Calathea Medallion

Pot size 12cm Height 35cm Calathea 'Medallion'
£37.99 -
Calathea Sanderiana £23.99

Calathea Sanderiana

Pot size 12cm Height 40cm Calathea Sanderiana
£33.99 -
Chinese Evergreen £33.99

Chinese Evergreen

Pot size 12cm Height 30cm Aglaonema ‘Silver Bay’
£33.99 -
Dumb Cane £20.99

Dumb Cane

Pot size 12cm Height 40cm Dieffenbachia ‘compacta’
£30.99 -
Parlour Palm £20.99

Parlour Palm

Pot size 12cm Height 20cm Chamaedorea Elegans
£30.99 -
Rattlesnake Plant £38.99

Rattlesnake Plant

Pot size 14cm Height 40cm Calathea Lancifolia
£38.99 -

Ornamental Plants

Bunny Ear Cactus £18.99

Bunny Ear Cactus

Pot size 8.5cm Height 15cm Opuntia Microdasys Rufida
£28.99 -
Chinese Money Plant £34.99

Chinese Money Plant

Pot size 13cm /p> Height 13cm Pilea Peperomioides
£44.99 -
Elephant Ears £27.99

Elephant Ears

Pot size 13cm Height 30cm Caladium 'Peppermint' or 'Pink Flash' or 'Sweet Heart'
£37.99 -
Ficus Ginseng £44.99

Ficus Ginseng

Potsize 12cm Height 40cm Ficus Microcarpia ‘ginseng’
£54.99 -
Lavender Scallops £20.99

Lavender Scallops

Pot size 8cm Height 16cm Kalanchoe Bryophyllum Fedtschecnkoi
£30.99 -
Madagascar Palm £32.99

Madagascar Palm

Pot size 14cm Height 50cm Pachypodium Lamerei
£32.99 -
Polka Dot Begonia £35.99

Polka Dot Begonia

Pot size 12cm Height 30-35cm Begonia Maculata
£45.99 -
Prickly Pear Cactus £23.99

Prickly Pear Cactus

Pot size 15cm Height 20cm Opuntia Vulgaris
£33.99 -

Travel and Handheld Friendly

Anthurium (Red) £34.99

Anthurium (Red)

Pot size 9cm Height 30cm Anthurium ‘Red Diamond’
£44.99 -
Brain Cactus £13.99

Brain Cactus

Pot size 8cm Height 16cm Mammillaria Elongata Cristata
£23.99 -
Fittonia Green £15.99

Fittonia Green

Pot size 10-11cm Height 15cm Fittonia
£25.99 -
Graptopetalum Purpureum £24.99

Graptopetalum Purpureum

Pot size 10cm Height 13cm Graptopetalum Purpureum
£24.99 -
Rainbow Bush £13.99

Rainbow Bush

Pot size 8-10cm Height 10cm Portulacaria Afra Mediopicta
£23.99 -
Silver Crown £20.99

Silver Crown

Pot size 12cm Height 8-9cm Cotyledon Undulata
£20.99 -
Zebra Plant £18.99

Zebra Plant

Pot size 9cm-10cm Height 18cm Haworthia Fasciata ‘Big Band’/’ Margaritifera’
£28.99 -
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