Outdoor Plants

Kerbside appeal is important for every business, large or small. In a time of increasing competition in every sector, how your business is perceived is extremely important. It’s no longer an option to rely on chance; both conscious and unconscious judgements are made on first appearances: your premises need to show your business in the best light possible. That’s were Flowers & Plants Co’s outdoor office plants come in. We’re outdoor plant specialists with years of experience creating the very best in landscaping design across London. Whether you’re in the heart of the City or have office space in suburbia, the right plants with the right design can have a huge positive impact on your business. Our list of happy clients grows day by day, each with their own story to tell of how beautiful outdoor design from Flowers & Plants Co has changed the face of their business.

If your business is considering the purchase of outdoor plants, or would simply like to enquire into rates and availability, look no further. Our customer service team is on hand to help you with all questions and queries, along with advice on what is best suited for your business. Whether you’re considering a range of outdoor plants to brighten up the entrance to a building or would like potted trees and shrubs for shade and shelter, we’re here to help. It’s our firm belief that plants bring a vibrancy and colour to outdoor areas which would otherwise be drab and dour. To that end, we offer beautiful hanging baskets, large planters and a range of options in the style and types of plants available.

Looking for a lush and verdant forest in the heart of the city? Want to limit noise pollution or create a peaceful environment for courtyards and internal squares? Get in touch today and organise a free consultation with one of our experienced gardeners. They will access your needs and draw up a preliminary design plan, with options for outdoor plants to best suit your businesses requirements: bamboo for protection, phoenix palms and lemon trees for a slice of the exotic in London. We also offer small hedges, box in particular, while our moveable outdoor planters are also very popular: they can be planted with seasonal flowers or evergreens, whatever your particular taste.

As mentioned, we’re strong believers in positive first impressions. It’s true for life as well as in the world of business: put your best foot forward. That’s why our corporate outdoor plants are so popular. They lift a business and provide new life, put positivity in the minds of visitors and promote increased satisfaction among staff. We can even draw up digital impressions of possible works to give a clearer idea of what the finished project will look like and how it will improve your business’s kerbside appeal. All our major works and outdoor corporate planting jobs are carried out with the greatest care. The experienced Flowers & Plants Co team have completed hundreds of jobs across the capital, with thousands of plants, shrubs and trees brought and planted for our corporate clients. Our landscapers and gardeners will also do everything they can to minimise disruption to business: we aim to complete work out-of-hours and at weekends, with all the messy jobs finished before the working day commences. Efficiency is the key to our success: each member of our team is professional trained and experienced, guaranteeing a customer satisfaction rate which is one of the best in the industry.

Our commitment continues well after the initial work is completed. Maintenance teams are on hand to provide weekly or monthly watering and care while our customer service agents can always offer advice and tips on any aspect of care. Here at Flowers & Plants Co we’re determined to create amazing outdoor corporate plants which will stand the test of time. All that’s left for you to do now is contact us and join the revolution.

Can I get outdoor plants delivered to my business?

Here at Flowers & Plants Co. we delivery outdoor plants to businesses across London. We’re a landscaping specialist and over all areas of horticultural maintenance and installation. We’re the one-stop—shop for your outdoor plant needs. So wherever you are, whatever kind of business you’re in, we can help you with outdoor plants today. Enhance your image or just freshen out outdoor spaces: plants are the answer.

What plant varieties do you stock?

We have a huge rolling stock of outdoor plants for you to choose from. Whatever the style, whatever your budget, we’ll have something for you. From palms and acers to olive trees and shrubs, flowering plants and bamboo. We have solutions for fencing and barriers, to add height, depth and the general improvement of outdoor environments. 

Can I get weekend and out-of-hours delivery?

Yes. We deliver to clients across the capital every day of the week. So, whether you need a quick spruce-up or a full scale renovation, we’re the people to call. Our outdoor range is available for delivery 7 days a week and 365 days a year.

How much do outdoor plants cost?

The prices of plants vary but start from as little as £19.99. For larger planting jobs we have to factor labour costs, though we always look to keep costs down for our clients. If you’re looking to have major work done the get in touch with us and organise a consultation. We’ll send a senior team member to your site and make an assessment. We’ll then provide a quote for all desired work.

Do I have to have a subscription for outdoor plants?

No. You can make one-off orders for all our outdoor plants. Browse our selection and pick the plants you think will work at your location. Select a delivery date and we’ll bring the plants to your door. It couldn’t be easier than that.

Will my outdoor plants survive the winter element?

All our outdoor plants are durable and long-lasting. The species we select for outdoor use are all hardy and capable of surviving the cold London winters. If you’re worried about any particular plants then get in touch, we’ll be happy to offer advice and tips.

Do you have a maintenance service to keep my outdoor plants looking fresh?

Yes. We deliver, install and maintain outdoor plants as part of our package of services. No time to maintain your plants? No problem. Our teams will water, prune and care for all your plants, whatever the weather. You can rely on us to keep your outdoor plants looking fabulous from day one.

Is there a way to contact Flowers & Plants directly in an emergency?

Yes. We have a customer care hotline and operatives available to help with information and advice. We’re on hand to answer questions and help with delivery information. We can get teams out to your premises at short notice and have gardeners on-call to deal with emergency requests.

What are the best outdoor plant options for my business?

The choice is yours. We have a world of brilliant outdoor plants for your delectation. However, if you need a bit of inspiration then we’re here to help. Our designers can offer advice and even plan the works for you. So whatever you want, we’ll make your horticultural dream come true.

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