Plants for New Homes

Bring your new home to life with a houseplant from Flowers & Plants Co. Ideal for adding colour and texture to a space, we’ve got everything you need to create your own personal paradise. Explore today and fill your new home with houseplants.


Long Living Plants

Slow growing plants and good survivability give these plants great longevity. They are suitable for a variety of spaces and some can transition from indoors to outdoors in case you move to bigger spaces. Get these while they're small and you'll get to enjoy them for the years to come. 

Kitchen Spaces

Plants suitable for warm rooms with transient humidity from steam and cooking. These do well from a variety of light levels, hanging by windows or with smaller compact growths for shelves. 

Big Space Fillers

Big showy plants, these grow tall or outwards covering a lot space. Perfect for unfurnished spaces or living rooms to bring a lot of nature into a new space. Give them a few months and they'll fill up any empty space with list foliage. 

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