Plants - Help / FAQ

Here at Flowers & Plants Co., we care about our customers. That’s why we’re here to help you with every step of your journey to perfect plants. With these FAQs you’ll find everything you need to know about our wonderful selection of houseplants and get advice on ordering, caring for plants, payment issues and much more – it’s all here.

Plants – general

What kind of plants should I buy?

We have a huge selection of plants to choose from, each with different characteristics and individual merits. The choice is yours. Decide whether you want something tropical or temperate, think about where you want to keep you plant and what would suit the style of your home.

Do you stock indoor plants?

Yes. We have hundreds of houseplants to choose from and a brilliant selection of potted species from orchids to olive trees. Drive in and discover a world of plants at your fingertips.

Do you stock outdoor plants?

Though we specialise in houseplants, we do have some outdoor plants available such as palms, olive trees and ferns. Get in touch directly if you’d like more information and to see a full list of outdoor plants.

Can I buy plants as gifts?

We think plants make great gifts and are perfect to mark all kinds of celebrations and events. If you’ve got a big birthday r anniversary coming up, why not treat someone you love to a pretty, potted plant?


Can I get plants delivered at home?

With Flowers & Plants Co. you can get all your favourite plants delivered to your door. Wherever you are in the country, perfect houseplants are only a click away.

Where do you deliver?

We delivery across the whole of the UK, including the Highlands and Islands, Northern Ireland and the Isle of Man. We provide next day delivery to most nationwide postcodes and same day delivery within London.

Do you do international delivery?

We ship flowers to a selected number of international locations. For a full list and to make a booking, go online or get in touch with us directly.

Can I schedule a delivery in advance?

Absolutely. If you’ve got a big occasion coming up or just want to treat yourself, you can book a delivery in advance. Contact us today and put a date in the diary!

Can I get same day delivery?

We have a same day delivery service for all London postcodes. Get beautiful plants in a flash, wherever you are. Order by 4pm and have your houseplants by the end of the day.

Can I choose a specific delivery slot?

Due to the high number of deliveries we make each day, we can’t give customers exact slots. However, if you’d like a time slot we offer Morning deliveries (9pm-12noon) as well as Evening deliveries (7pm-10pm)

What happens if I’m not in when my plants arrive?

If you miss a delivery we will attempt a re-delivery the next day free of charge.

Can I send a planted gift anonymously?

Yes. Many customers like to send secret surprises and we will leave any identifying information from the delivery if you direct us to do so.

Is there a way to track my order?

We have a great tracking system that allows you to track your order in real time. You’ll be given a link with your confirmation email.


How do I order?

Just choose your plants and put them in the basket. Then provide a message for the recipient and tell us where you’d like it delivered. Choose any optional extras like champagne and you’re done. Simple as that.

Can I order by phone?

If you prefer to speck to one of our operators and order delivery, feel free to call. They will take you through the process or doing the whole thing for you.

When can I order?

Anytime! We accept orders day and night – just get in touch and place an order. We’ll sen you confirmation once the process has been completed.

Is it easy to place an order?

We make it an easy and effortless experience to order. Call us or use the online form and you’ll be done in minutes.

Can I change my order once it is placed?

If you make a mistake and need to change something about your order, contact us immediately. As long as the order hasn’t been dispatched, we can change any aspect of the order.

Plant Care

How can I pay?

We accept all major credits and debit cards including visa and Mastercard. We also accept Apple Pay and Paypal.

What if my payment is declined?

Just get in touch and we’ll take care of the problem. We can process payments over the phone.

Can I pay with cash?

If there are serious circumstances that mean you need to pay in cash, we can organise cash-on-delivery services.


How do I care for my plants?

Discover more about your houseplants by getting in touch with us and using our website. Each plant has slightly different climatic preferences and you’ll need to take these into consideration.

Do houseplants like direct sunlight?

Some need direct sunlight and others, aloe vera for example, prefer shady environments. Check with us or online for more information.

My plant is wilting – what should I do?

Make sure to top up the water or consider moving the plant. It may be adversely effected by a draught or sunlight. Get in touch with us if you need more assistance.

Do I need to water my orchid?

Orchids take a lot of moisture from the air and prefer wet environments like a bathroom. It is preferable to water them once a week during the winter and twice during the summer.

Do I need to feed my plants?

That’s up to you. Plant food can help the growth and continued life of a plant but the choice is yours.

How often should I water my plants?

Check with us first or have a look online but most houseplants need to be watered roughly once a week.

Can I get advice on caring for my plant?

Absolutely. Just get in touch and we’ll offer any advice you need. We have plant experts on hand to help!


How can I make a complaint?

If you need to get in touch with us regarding a complaint or to let us know you’re not satisfied, give us a call or drop us an email. Include pictures of the product if you believe it to be faulty and attach them in the email. We’ll do our best to get back to within 1 working day.

Can I get a refund?

In cases were genuine mistakes have been made and our service has not been up to scratch, we will issue refunds toc customers. If you feel you would like a refund please get in touch as soon as possible and we will make a full investigation into what went wrong.

How will my complaint be processed?

We’ll make sure to investigate the problem fully before getting back to you and make sure we understand what went wrong. We always try to maintain a high level of service for our customers and as such take complaints very seriously.

How quickly will you get back to me if I make a complaint?

We will look to get back to you within 1 working day and respond to all complaints and requests as quickly as possible.

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