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Find all your artificial plant needs in London with Flowers & Plants Co. Skip the hassle of maintenance, forget watering: join the artificial plant revolution. Our amazing selection of artifial and faux plants is one of the most extensive in the capital, with trees, shrubs, potted plants, hanging baskets, ivy, trailing plants and much, much more

artificial plants for business

 All of the highest quality, our artificial plants provide the ambiance and allure of real plants but at a faction of the cost and with almost zero maintenance: all the advantages of wonderful new plants for your office with none of the drawbacks.

Out of fashion for decades, the world of artificial plants is making a comeback. With everyone from chic restaurants to West End clubs employing faux flowers and plants, it’s time to roll with the crowd and explore the possibilities. Here at Flowers & Plants Co, we love artificial plants. While the majority of our business is in ordinary flowers and plants, a growing number of our clients now look for artificial plants for their receptions, boardrooms and offices. With no maintenance and zero care required, they are the perfect solution for busy people. And with no chance of withering or disease, lack of light or moisture, artificial plants go on looking beautiful for longer.

Our free London delivery means whatever your budget and time restraints, Flowers & Plants Co have you covered. Looking to refresh your drab office with a bit of colour and vibrancy? Need fast same day delivery? Our drivers cover the whole London area, ranging far and wide to bring businesses the very best in artificial plants 365 days of the year. Beckton or Bloomsbury, Camden to Camberwell, we have London provided for. Contact us today and find out more about our selection and for help in finding the right plants for you.

Rip up the rule book and diversify your office with new artificial plants. Whatever your style, whatever the requirements, here at Flowers & Plants Co, we have what you need to create a fresh and funky office environment. Forget the faff of ordinary plants and blaze a trail into the world of artificial wonders. Mix up indoor spaces with potted bamboo or giant monstera, bring desks to life with succulent selections of variegated ivy. Have fun with your design and build the perfect style for you. Feedback from our clients consistently attests to the positive impact artificial plants have on the working environment and the productivity of the workforce: happy workplaces make for happy staff, after all. And how is it possible to be unhappy surrounded by boxwood balls or fabulous ferns, breathing new life into every corner of your office. Bring fun and freshness into kitchens with our faux herb selection or create centrepieces with magnificent orchid plants. And what’s more: no one can tell the difference. Expertly crafted and created to deceive, some of the artificial plants at our workshop even fool our own florists!

We really believe artificial plants can work wonders in a corporate setting. Create light and radiance, dispel drabness and in turn make a better place for employees to work. For those businesses without the time or inclination towards living plants, the artificial option is more economical and provides almost the same results. And for outdoor spaces as well as indoor, we have a great range available online. Artificial box hedges and movable planters can create shelter and simultaneously improve kerbside appeal, providing a positive first impression for visitors arriving at your premises. Combined with clusters of bougainvillea, Japanese maple and fruticose, hedges and larger artificial trees are a common site across the central London shopping and hotel districts. Join the new trend and update your corporate artificial plants with Flowers & Plants Co

. With a range of rental options or the opportunity to buy from us directly, budget is no issue. We supply small, individual business as well as large conglomerates and understand each business has unique needs. Speak to our customer care team today and learn more about what makes are corporate artificial plants great, as well as details regarding the payment options and plans.

What are artificial corporate plants?

Artificial corporate plants are the long-lasting alternative to living plants. Does your business need a style upgrade but you can’t be bothered with live plants? Then artificial corporate plants are the way forward. Lush, luxurious and indistinguishable from their living counterparts, artificial corporate plants can make all the difference in a business setting, improving the interior design and creating a more interesting working environment.

Can I get artificial corporate plants delivered to my business?

Yes. We’re London’s premier supplier of artificial corporate plants and we ship to companies all over the capital. Whether you’re central or in the suburbs, way out west or nestled in the east, we’re on hand to help. Give us a call today and arrange an order, it’s simple and fast. We also delver on weekends and bank holidays, because business never stops.

What are the costs?

Like their living counterparts, artificial corporate plants vary in price from item to item. However we have small plants starting at around £9. So, whatever you’re looking for, whatever the size of your order, we’ll deliver great quality and affordability.

Do you have a wide range of artificial plants?

Our range of artificial corporate plants is second to none. If you’re looking to enhance your business workspace and want an affordable, fast solution, then we have it. Don’t faff around with living plants. Go artificial. The days of dodgy plastic plants are over. Our artificial corporate plants are exquisite reproductions of real plants – your staff and clients won’t be able to tell the difference. And we have all the classics you love from monstera plants to ferns, palms and flowering orchids.

What are the advantages of artificial plants?

Long-lasting and low-maintenance, artificial corporate plants have many advantages. The fact that they are often indistinguishable from living plants is a huge plus, while the costs to you in watering, upkeep and general maintenance are low.

Do they need maintenance?

No. artificial corporate plants need no maintenance, giving you complete peace of mind. They’ll stay looking fresh and fabulous for the duration of their stay. No watering, no plant food. There’s obviously no risk of disease or the plants dying. It’s the ideal solution for the time-poor businesses of London and the UK.

How do I order?

Get in touch with us now over the phone or via email. Let us know your requirements and budget and we can recommend artificial corporate plants for you. It’s effortless and fast. We can even arrange same day delivery for all plants, meaning you won’t have to wait around for your workspace transformation to begin!

Is there someone to speak t directly regarding my order?

Yes. We have staff available to discuss any questions or queries with you. Give us a call and speak to one of our customer care team. They can help you with existing artificial corporate plant orders or help you set up a new order. They can provide information on the best options for your business and give all kinds of advice on artificial corporate plants.

Can I set up a rental agreement or do I need to buy-outright?

For smaller orders, purchase needs to be made outright. However, for larger corporate clients and orders, artificial corporate plants can be rented from Flowers & Plants Co. That gives you the advantage of being able to change your order over a fixed period, providing your business and workspace with a new and fresh set of artificial corporate plants at 6 month or yearly intervals

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