Floral Displays

Take your corporate styling to the next level. We supply London businesses with some of the most inspiring and innovative floral displays around.

Get bespoke designs and a delivery service that works around you; as well as 24-hour support and live order tracking. Browse some of our recent work and discover our weekly floral display services. 

Corporate  Plants

Reinvigorate and regenerate; find a balance and improve the atmosphere of your office or work space today. Get involved and find the right plants for your business, whatever the style. Contact us to find out more about our corporate business services.

Reception Flowers

New designs every week ensure you always have something special.

Table Displays

Exquisite table flower arrangements, crafted with an eye for detail and designed to elevate.


How Does It Work?

Contact us and set up a consultation. From weekly flower arrangements, flower walls, major landscaping design to plant rental, living walls to artificial plants and maintenance, we can help. Speak with a member of our team and let us know your specific requirements. Our customer service team will work with you to find the right style and variations to suit your needs. We’ll then sign you up for a trial period in which you’ll receive your first deliveries, brought directly to your premises by our dispatch drivers. If you’re happy with the arrangements – and we’re sure you will be – we’ll continue to deliver beautiful, fresh corporate flowers on a weekly or bi-weekly basis. Our plant sales team can also provide information on rental agreements and outright purchase, while our senior gardeners will offer over-the-phone advice on all landscaping queries.

How much does your corporate service cost?

Weekly subscriptions start from as little as £35 with a huge range of colour options and floral varieties available – blushing pink lilies or extravagant strelitzia, tropical stylings or understated cool: we’ve got it all. Our corporate vases come in all shapes, sizes and colour variations, with something suited to everyone. And with such a large choice of blooms and expertly designed displayed, there’s no reason to choose anyone else.

Do you provide displays for one-off orders?

Do you provide displays for one-off orders? Got a special promotion, gala or conference coming up? We also undertake large scale floral displays such as living walls, which are spectacular centre pieces created using fresh flowers and plants to produce a full scale covering of a wall or alcove space.

Do you offer planting / landscaping services?

If living walls and weekly corporate vases aren’t what you require, our excellent corporate landscaping services are just what you need. If you’re having trouble maintaining outdoor areas at your premises, our landscaping are on hand to cut, mow and weed it into shape. Creating new layouts and undertaking major works, or simply facilitating a new round of spring planting, we’re London’s premier corporate landscapers.

Indoor and Outdoor plants

From flower beds to hanging baskets and trees, trailing ivy, lavender and shrubs, we have it all. Brighten exterior spaces and create attractive facades, improve your businesses kerbside appeal and help attract new customers. We work 365 days of the year for our corporate clients in London, fully committed to bringing the very best plants, flowers and maintenance available.

Corporate Plants Service

And why not check out our fabulous range of  high quality artificial plants, all guaranteed to provide a lush and luxurious environment for hotel lobbies, offices, receptions and waiting rooms. However, we also have a wonderful selection of indoor corporate plants, from verdant palms, olive trees and orchids to potted bamboo, snake plants and peace lilies.  And there’s no need to worry about maintenance – we’ve got that covered. A member of our team will regularly check on your plants, water and provide tips on how to keep them flourishing. So contact us today and find out more about our corporate services.

Can we make changes to our existing order?

If you want to change or amend your order, skip a delivery or just take a break, we can accommodate your needs.

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