How It Works

Signing up for weekly corporate flower deliveries is fast, easy and much less hassle than you might think. Here at Flowers & Plants Co, we’re committed to bringing the very best in corporate flowers to businesses right across London. From giant amaranthus to sweet peas and stocks, we know our way around the corporate flower business. And with clients across the capital and a fleet of delivery vehicles at the ready, there’s no better time to begin the journey towards beautiful corporate designs. But if it’s your first time organising a delivery and don’t know where to start, this short introduction will provide all the necessary information on exactly how our system and service works.

From first contact right up until the day of your first delivery, we aim to achieve the highest standards of customer care and assistance. Our committed team of customer service agents will talk you through the various options – price, package, regularity – and also offer help with the difficult decisions of style and colour scheme. It can be a daunting task, especially when considering differing arrangements for various areas. However, even if you have no previous knowledge of flowers, our operators will advise on the best options for different temperatures, the issues of seasonality and the right choice for those seeking unobtrusive and elegant designs. You can even leave it up to us to decide – we’ll come up with unique and stylish vases from the vaguest of briefs: bright, traditional or simply colours to match your company logo.

Once your colour scheme and flower choice is made, it’s time to look at vase design. We have a huge range of corporate vases perfect for every environment: whether it’s a boardroom or reception area, cylinders and fishbowls vases, unique designs and hand blown glass, bud vases, sweetheart vases and many more in an array of sizes and dimensions. The next stage of the process is to find a weekly delivery slot which suits your particular needs. Here at Flowers & Plants Co we understand the desire to minimise the disruption from any delivery. For this reason, we offer out-of-hours delivery times on a number of different days, allowing your business to enjoy a seamless transition from week to week, no matter the size of your regular order.

From this point on, the process is complete. There’s nothing left to do but sit back and enjoy your weekly arrangements, admire the beautiful blooms and feel the change in ambiance which fresh floral displays bring. However, if any problems do arise, we’re always on hand to answer questions and queries, offer advice and help trouble-shoot in the event of an emergency. We’ll even happily pause your contract if you need to take a break, if your businesses closes for the summer or Christmas, before resuming your normal routine of deliveries once the time comes. It’s all part of our customer commitment, the aim of which is to assist our clients during the inevitable fluctuations of business and commerce, finding ways to help everyone flourish.

In the intervening weeks and months after your first deliveries, tastes and requirements may change: you might grow tired of the usual arrangements and feel something a little different is in order. Well we’re happy to roll with the changes, whether in colour or style, decreasing or increasing the number vases or the regularity of delivery: switch from flowering orchids to English roses, forego calla lilies for a wonderful dose of premium hydrangeas. It’s our mission to accommodate your floral desires, whatever form they take.

In the unfortunate event that your financial situation changes and is no longer able to factor in weekly flower deliveries, it is possible to terminate your contract with 30 days’ notice. However we hate to see clients leave and always try to accommodate a smaller budget or less regular deliveries, providing assistance and as much flexibility as possible for our loyal customers, with payment plans and some limited deferrals available where we deem necessary.

What are corporate flower deliveries?

We deliver hand-crafted, luxury flower arrangements to business across London. With the freshest designs and myriad styles, there’s something for everyone. Corporate flower designs bring an added element of sophistication to offices and waiting areas, restaurants, shops and retailers. They’re the ideal option for any business looking to improve their image or sharpen their style.

How can I order?

Use our online order process or get in touch with us via phone. We have a team of operatives who will help you set up your subscription. Just let us know where you are and what you’d like, how regularly you’d like flowers and the kind of designs you prefer. Once the process is complete we’ll send you confirmation details and everything you need to know before your first delivery.

Do you deliver to my area?

We offer services across London and the South East. Wherever you are, we’ll be able to make a delivery. We have a huge fleet of vehicles with a trusted team of delivery experts and can provide delivery on a day of the week that suits you, at a time convenient for your business.

Are the flowers good quality?

All our flowers are high quality UK and international blooms brought directly to us from growers in Columbia, Ecuador and Africa. We only use the highest quality blooms in all our arrangements, giving you peace of mind and the assurance that your displays will look fresher for longer.

Can you provide consultations/site visits?

Yes. If necessary we will provide site visits for clients; these can be arranged by contacting us directly. We’ll assess your site and make recommendations, we’ll provide a detailed quote and give options as to the best flowers for you.

Is there a minimum order on corporate vases?

We try to provide a service which accommodates businesses of every size. We have competitive rates on all our vases and packages, making Flowers & Plants Co. one of the most popular providers for corporate vase services in London. Our vases start from around £30, and with delivery included in the price, we’re always a good choice, whatever you’re looking for.

Will the flowers survive well in our building?

Though atmospheric conditions and types of flower differ, our blooms tend to survive well in most office conditions. Air conditioning doesn’t have a negative affect and the heat or humidity of an office space is well suited to the survival of flowers. Over the period of a week in between deliveries your flowers will look vibrant and full of life. That’s a guarantee.

Can I pause my weekly corporate flower delivery?

Yes. We’re happy for businesses to pause their weekly vase delivery if needs be. We understand the fluctuating nature of business and how it can affect spending. We make it easy to press pause on deliveries and easy to restart when the time is right for you.

What happens if I want to cancel my subscription?

Like any subscription service, cancellation is subject to terms and conditions. However, if sufficient notice is given we are happy to cancel subscriptions for businesses if circumstances change. We’ll also happily re-instate accounts if you decide to join us again in the future.

How do I pay?

We prefer BACs payment and will set up clients with our regular payment system when joining. We do also accept credit card payments and cash in some cases.

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