Indoor Plants

Find fantastic indoor plants for all your corporate and business needs with Flowers & Plants Co. A trusted supplier with many years’ experience, we’ll help you find the right plant at the right price, with free delivery and a round the clock maintenance team to ensure your plants stay fresh a vibrant for longer. A green pioneer for many years, we believe indoor plants have the power to enliven and enrich a work space, bringing people together, improving health, productivity and happiness. Find out more today and get a free quote and onsite consultation. Join our growing list of clients today and be part of the plant revolution. More and more businesses are enjoying the benefits of a greener working environment and we’re at the forefront of making those green dreams a reality. Whether it’s indoor planting, shrubs, trees or potted plants, something subtle or statement designs, we’ve got it all. And if you don’t have much of an idea as to style or plant type you’d like, rest easy. Our experienced customer care team will guide you through the options for indoor plants, find the best solutions for any particular budget and make the process as quick and easy as possible. If you need to purchase plants or want plant hire in London, it couldn’t be easier.

So once we know the style requirements and budget, it’s time to find the perfect indoor corporate plants for your business. With the best home grown and international imports, the choice is fantastic. Giant monstera or verdant ferns, peace lilies or banana palms, we specialise in sourcing unique and beautiful plants well suited to life indoors. Have a special request? We relish the challenge. Bold snake plants or cacti, huge Aloe Vera and rubber plants – you’ll be amazed by our quality and variety.

And as if great quality and selection wasn’t enough, we bring all your plants to your door, wherever you are in London. North of the river or south, far out west or nestled in the east, our team of delivery experts and gardeners will ship, install and maintain your plants with minimum hassle. And although all our indoor office plants are low maintenance, our team will give you tips on watering and care, best practice and advice to keep your plants looking radiant. For all major work and large orders we will set up a regular maintenance team to keep an eye on watering, weeding and general care, leaving your staff with nothing to do but enjoy their new plants.

If any problems arise or advice is required at any time, our team of customer service agents and gardeners are only a call away. Indoor plants can be slightly temperamental and we want you to get the most from them. Whether they need more light or regular watering, we’ll keep you well informed. And if a problem arises which can’t be resolved over the phone, we can send an emergency team of gardeners to look into the problem and nurse your plants back to health.

We’re conscious of our working environments more and more, the 21st century office needs to be bright, airy and, crucially, green. That’s where we come in. Pioneers of indoor plants for London businesses, we bring the much needed power of plants to your doorstep. And no only do plants improve productivity and output, but they look great too. Anyone with an eye for aesthetics can see the double benefit, and how having a beautiful working space breeds happiness in both staff and visitors.

We’re sure you’ll love our indoor plants and landscaping, however we also understand every business needs flexibility. That’s why we offer great terms on contracts and rentals, with a grace period initially and no binding timescales – you are free to leave at any point. However, we can say with confidence and certainty, you’ll love Flowers & Plants Co’S indoor plants so much you’ll never need to look for another supplier again. Contact us today by phone or email and start your journey towards magnificent indoor plants.

Can I get plants delivered to my business?

If you have a business in London or the South East and want corporate plants delivered to you, then we’ve got just the thing. We’re one of the capital’s most popular commercial providers of horticultural goods. We have a huge range of fresh plants and shrubs to brighten up your office, with a collection of exotic and temperate plants that you’ll love. And what’s more, we deliver them directly to your door. We deliver 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

What are the prices?

We have a range of plants to suit every budget. From small bonsai trees to mature olives, from monstera plants to ferns and palms. Plants start at just £5, so no matter where you are, no matter what your business, we have the best indoor plants for you. Whether you want just a few small pieces to brighten your office or a full-scale overhaul of your indoor planting needs, we have the solutions.

What are the plant options?

We have everything from flowering ginger plants to ferns, bonsai trees and giant monsera plants. There are plants for offices and receptions, boardrooms and waiting areas. We have bold plants and background plants, horticultural beauties that will improve the atmosphere of your premises and breathe new life into the environment.

Do I need to water the plants regularly?

We do provide a regular maintenance service for those who wish to make use of it. There is then no need to worry about watering: we’ll do it for you. However, if you don’t take advantage of the maintenance services you will need to keep your plants in good health yourself. This is easy for most plants, they only need a light watering twice a week during summer and once during the winter. We can proved more detailed information with regard to plant-care on request.

Will indoor plants survive well at our office?

Definitely. Our indoor plants are bred to survive in the drier, warmer conditions of offices and shops. They will have no problem thriving in warm or air conditioned rooms. We do recommend keeping plants well-watered and with access to direct sunlight. If you follow these simple measures then you’re plants will stay looking vibrant for longer.

Can I arrange large-scale plant installation?

Yes. We provide large-scale indoor planting for corporate clients and can transform office spaces and corporate settings with various panting options. Get in touch with our team directly for more information with regard to major works – we’re always happy to schedule a consultation and provide a competitive quote.

Can I order more plants when I need them?

Yes. We’ll keep your details on file after your first order so the next time it will be quick and easy. If you think your business needs more plants or you’d simply like to top-up your existing collection, then just give us a ring. Our amazing delivery service will get your plants out to you on the same day, so you’ll never be left waiting around.

Is there someone I can speak to if I have a problem?

Yes. Just give our customer service operators a ring and they’ll be happy to help with any questions or queries. Plants playing up? We can provide expert advice and tips: your plants will be back to looking their best in no time. Get in touch today, no question is too small.

I’m outside your delivery area – is there a way to get plants to my business?

Although we only deliver same-day plants to London areas, we can provide a plants-through-the-post sevice using reliable couriers. If you’ve seen something online that takes your fancy, then get in touch – there is always a way to get fabulous plants to your business.

Are the plants ethically sourced?

We receive our plants from Danish, Dutch and UK suppliers. We work with the best farms and growers to bring you the best quality at fair prices. It’s a good deal for everyone at Flowers & Plants Co.

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