Autumn Eclipse

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A fiery, autumnal bouquet, the Autumn Eclipse is a smouldering cornucopia of colour. With pinks, reds and burnt oranges all coming together, the design draws the eye and excites the senses. And while bold chrysanthemums and pink carnations provide the broad brush strokes, the bouquet is accentuated by scabiosa pods, freesias, hypericum berries and yellow craspedia.

Orange Chrysanths, Coral Orange Carnations, Red Hypericum, Orange Freesias, Seeded Scabiosa, Yellow Crespedia, Seasonal Greenery.

VARIETY REGULAR LARGE DELUXE Orange Chrysanths 5 7 9 Coral Orange Carnations 5 7 9 Red Hypericum 5 7 9 Orange Freesias 10 12 15 Seeded Scabiosa 10 12 15 Yellow Crespedia 10 12 15 Seasonal Greenery 0.5 Bunch 1 Bunch 1.5 Bunch
    Autumn Eclipse  Flowers & Plants Co
    Autumn Eclipse  Flowers & Plants Co

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