Boston Fern

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Boston Ferns are the easiest of the fern family to care for and look stunning. With its vivid green leaves and elegant shape, they are sure to transform any space.


Pot size 17-20cm 

Height 50cm


They thrive in any light levels from bright indirect light to shadier corners of the room.

When looking after one at home, the rule is to never let a Boston fern dry out. Make sure to keep the soil moist and humidity level high. Water when the surface becomes slightly dry. Do not over water and use lukewarm, soft water where possible. Keeping them in a humid room like the bathroom is a good idea, otherwise it is recommended to mist regularly when in kept in other rooms, especially in the winter. Although it's very tempting, try to resist touching their fronds as they really don't like it and it might turn them brown.

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