Calathea 'Freddie'

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Calathea ‘Freddie’ is known for its beautiful striped green foliage. Calatheas in the wild are found on tropical forest floors.


Potsize 12cm 

Height 35cm


Calathea can tolerate living in partial shade and make the perfect plant for filling in some of the shadier parts of your plant room! Too much direct sun burns the leaves and causes the beautiful leaf colors to fade.

For best results, maintain a regular watering schedule and keep the soil damp, but never wet or saturated. This is not a drought tolerant indoor plant, however, the top of the soil should be allowed to dry out a little between waterings. Extended periods of dryness can result in brown leaf tips or edges. Overwatering will cause the plant to wilt and it will recover slowly.

Like many tropical indoor plants, this plant prefers a spot with ample humidity. Brown edges on the leaves indicate the air is too dry. Mist the leaves twice per week with room temperature water.

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