Coastal Blues

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A bright and cheerful bouquet for any loved ones. Golden yellow solidagos and roses combine with large headed blue hydrangeas and bottle green santinis to make an explosion of colour. Reminiscent of the costal blue seas, bright sunny skies and lush green foliage, this inspired and long lasting bouquet makes the perfect gift!


Blue Hydrangea, Yellow Roses, Green Carnations, Yellow Solidago, Green Santini, Seasonal Greenery

VARIETY REGULAR LARGE DELUXE Blue Hydrangea 1 2 3 Yellow Roses 3 5 7 Green Carnations 3 5 7 Yellow Solidago 3 5 7 Green Santini 3 5 7 Seasonal Greenery 0.5 bunch 1 bunch 1.5 bunch
    Coastal Blues Hydrangea Flowers & Plants Co
    Coastal Blues Hydrangea Flowers & Plants Co