Daisy Chain

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A light and lively bouquet of white roses, hydrangeas, lisianthus and the unmistakable appearance of fresh daisies. Finished with viburnum and eucalyptus for a fragrant kick, this bouquet is truly irresistible.


White / Peach Roses, White Lisianthus, White Veronica, White Wax Flower, White Hydrangea, Greenery

VARIETY REGULAR LARGE DELUXE White / Peach Roses 3 5 7 White Lisianthus 3 5 7 White Veronica 3 5 7 White Wax Flower 3 5 7 White Hydrangea 1 2 3 Greenery 0.5 Bunch 1 Bunch 1.5 Bunch
    white roses and hydrangea in a vase - flowers for delivery
    white roses and hydrangea in a bag
    white roses and hydrangea