Dancing Days

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A sensational bouquet for the floral enthusiasts out there. This is a bouquet that throws caution to the wind and dances all night long. The question is, can you keep up? Enjoy this mix of coloured stocks and eucalyptus now.


Mixed Stocks, Blue Delphinium, Mixed Lisianthus, Solidago, Seasonal Greenery

VARIETY REGULAR LARGE DELUXE Mixed Stocks 6 9 12 Blue Delphinium 3 4 5 Mixed Lisianthus 3 4 5 Solidago 3 4 5 Seasonal Greenery 0.5 Bunch 1 Bunch 1.5 Bunch
    mixed stocks by local florist
    stocks and blue delphinium in a gift bag
    stocks and blue delphinium in a vase