Parlour Palm

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The Parlour Palm was popular with the Victorians being display in their parlour rooms when entertaining guests (hence their common name) and remains a firm favourite to this day. An elegant plant, easy to look after, with excellent air purifying qualities. They are undemanding in terms of light, water, temperature, humidity and feed, making them perfect for those of us that like low-maintenance plants. With their bright green leaves on clusters of long slender arching stems, this plant is a classic indoor favourite.


Pot size 12cm 

Height 20cm


They are shade tolerant and brighter, indirect sunlight will encourage flowering. They can also tolerate some dry, indoor air, but does better with a little extra humidity and will appreciate the occasional misting with lukewarm water. This will also help keep the leaves free of dust. Brown leaf tips are an indication that the plant is not getting enough humidity.

    Parlour Palm