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Get your floral fix today with our new Sorbet bouquet. A powerful pink medley of lilies and roses, we’ve also paid close attention to the supporting cast of flowers in this design. You’ll notice the vaulting spearheads of veronica as well as the bright solidago, carnations and fresh alstroemeria.
Pink Lilies, Pink Roses, Solidago, Carnations, Veronica, Seasonal Greenery
VARIETY REGULAR LARGE DELUXE Pink Lilies 1 2 3 Pink Roses 3 5 7 Solidago 3 5 7 Carnations 3 5 7 Veronica 3 5 7 Foliage 0.5 bunch 1 bunch 1.5 bunch
    Sorbet  Flowers & Plants Co
    Sorbet  Flowers & Plants Co
    Sorbet  Flowers & Plants Co

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