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Normal is okay, but sometimes you need exceptional. With a stunning ZZ plant from F&P, exceptional is guaranteed. Great for kitchens and dining rooms, the lush green leaves of the ZZ lend an air of tranquillity and calm which is the perfect antidote to our fast paced modern lives


Pot size 14-18cm 

Height 60-90cm 


For the best performance and for the foliage to retain its deep green colouring, it is best to situate your Alocasia Amazonica in a location that receives bright indirect light. If you live in an area where the temperatures and light conditions are not intense can place it in a location that receives direct sunlight.

If placed in a location lacking enough light the plant loses its colour, including the leaf veins and can eventually die. Even when placed in a location that receives a medium amount of light, the plant won’t be happy and won’t produce the best growth and leaf coloration as when placed in a brighter location. So, experiment on locations and keep an eye of its health and change locations where necessary.

As with most tropical plants, maintain evenly moist but not soggy soil during the growing season, watering when the surface begins to dry. Reduce watering significantly in winter.

    ZZ plant  Flowers & Plants Co