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Lovely bouquet in the end but I was a bit worried when it first arrived. Seemed to me that the flowers were dead, the looked all wilted and the heads were dropping. I spoke to a lady on the phone and explained the problem and sent a photo in. she had a look an explained that the alstroemeria flowers were basically all just closed and I needed to put them in the sunlight to help them open up. I did that as much as possible and after 3 or 4 days they did open. I was relived as I spent quite a bit and was very disspaointed at first.


Overall good experience and seem like a reliable company, though I am only judging on one experience. The bouquet I got was called the sunshine burst, and the sunflowers were nice. They lasted well and looked pretty, but ultimately some of the other bits and pieces died after about 4 days. Didn’t bother to get in touch as it didn’t affect the overall feel, but was slightly disappointed.


Got a bouquet delivered for my friend who lives in Knightsbridge though I am in Aus. Had a bit of trouble getting in touch with the customer service people dude to time difference but we eventually crossed over and I got my technical problems sorted out. I’m grateful to the staff and in the end grateful that this sort of service is available for international customers, it is very smooth in comparison to what I used to have to do to get flowers sent, eg calling up a shop and sending the cash. Thanks Flowers & Plants Co.