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Flowers delivered in Cranbrook with Flowers & Plants Co., it’s the way to get the bouquets you love delivered to your door. Whatever the occasion, whatever your budget, we’ve got the flowers for you. With a brilliant selection of blooms and free same day delivery, its little never we’ve got the capital talking. Join us today and find out more about same day flowers Cranbrook. They’re wild and wonderful, with rare varieties as well as all the household favourites.

We have roses, tips, carnations and chrysanthemums, we have hydrangeas and delicate clematis. And if you want to design your own bouquet, go ahead. We provide a customising service which allows you to choose exactly he flowers you want. Send flowers to Cranbrook and delight your friends and family or indulge yourself. With deliveries 7 days a week across the area it’s never to let to get in touch and find your favourite flowers.

We’ve got a range of planted gifts Cranbrook that will blow you away. Just find the plants you love online and whatever the occasion, we’ll have something to match. Browse our catalogue and discover the world of potted houseplants at your ginger tips. And what’s more, because we offer same day London delivery, you can browse at breakfast and have your plants by lunch. Get in touch and arrange a delivery; plans delivered in Cranbrook are the perfect gift for friends and family and unique take on a Christmas or birthday present.

Ordering is quick and easy and you’ll have your plants with you in a jiffy. We’re the capital’s favourite plant provider and we have a team of experts waiting to give you any info or answer questions you might have. With Flowers & Plants Co. You’ll always find the same day plants Cranbrook that you want.


Love the flowers from Flowers & Plants Co., they certainly don’t scrimp on the style. I order semi-regularly and haven’t been let own yet. I would highly recommend for anyone looking for good general bouquets and quick delivery. I haven’t tried any of the plants as I’m not a houseplant persona but I would be interested to get one as a gift in the future and I have seen positive feedback here. Many thanks and keep up the good work.


Very positive experience with Flowers & Plants Co. each time have ordered. I like the general selection online and the bouquets, when they arrive, have tended to be very good quality. I’m judging this purely on their vase life, which tends to be around 9 days. Some of the flowers last a bit longer than that but the roses die off at around 9. For the prices they charge, I’ve not found anything better online and I have tried a fair few places. Several of my friends now buy form Flowers & Plants Co. and I will continue to do so until there is any change in the quality of the product.


Very solid delivery times from this company. I used the 3 hour delivery to get a bouquet to my friend in hospital and the flowers did genuinely arrive in around two and a quarter hours. That’s very impressive in my book. It also means I now know where to get fast, good quality flowers from. The fact that Flowers & Plants Co. are also open 7 days a week is really handy. I like to treat myself from time to time and during this period where my local florists is closed, they’re a very good option. I hope to make another order in the future but for now I can certainly recommend Flowers & Plants Co.